Online Classes

Each class is designed for you to move through the materials at your own pace.

Learning, healing, and growth will unfold in your natural timing and ways.

Medicine stories, audios, videos, and experiential practices

will guide your personal explorations,

ignite your curiosity,

and empower you to weave what’s

awakening within you into your everyday life.

Walk with the Spirits: Your Daily Medicine

Cycle One: 18 Days, 18 Spirits

a lifetime of healing, guidance, and love

Each day, you will receive a recording which shares the medicines, gifts, and guidance from a particular Spirit Guide.
In Cycle One (18 Days, 18 Spirits), you’ll be connecting with Hawk, Mountain Spirits, Aspen Grove, Octopus, and many more!
Walk with the Spirits is my offering of the medicines of the Spirits who are in my sacred bundle for Throwing of the Bones Ceremony.
It is my honor and joy to share the extraordinary teachings and gifts I’ve received through the years.

The Spirits are coming to be with you, inviting you to learn, awaken, and remember.
Welcome the medicines into your life with curiosity, gratitude, and openness to the magic.
Guidance and companionship are always within reach and just a breath away.

Walk with the Spirits (Cycle One): $18

Opening in January 2022


Medicine of the Moon

Explore your natural connection with our moon.
Discover the unique energies that unfold during each phase of a lunar cycle.
The medicines of the moon are trustworthy guides for navigating daily life, relationships, healing,
creativity, work projects, and transitions in your path.

We are almost ready to open!


Heart of the Healer

Your personal balance and well-being are essential
for genuinely empowering others in their healing paths.
Opening soon!

Spiral Dance

Explore the Gifts of the Four Directions.
Utilize the ancient symbol and dynamics of the Spiral
as a guide for personal healing and change-making,
as a pathway for living centered in your heart.
Opening soon!
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